I’m the opposite, I try to hide to hide my powerlevel somewhat so if Stalin is brought up I’ll say I don’t agree with him but then bring up the Soviet rapid industrialization and the fact that he won the war.

I tend to only be critical when talking to other leftists, But when talking to anyone else I tend to only talk about the good things. It’s like when trolls review bomb a movie on IMDB so that it has a score of 2.2, while I think it’s actually an 8, but I will rate it a 10 to try and balance it out.

What are some of your criticisms of Stalin? Genuine question (still learning)


Not the person you’re replying to but I feel that one of my biggest criticisms of Stalin was him criminalising homosexuality

KiG V2

To paraphrase my most recent run in, “there’s more to life than ‘America bad.’”

In the middle of me citing America killing millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East…

I want to strangle these worthless smuglets.

Americans are devoid of sympathy to those that aren’t white

Hate being American.

“there’s more to life than ‘America bad.’”

What being separated by two oceans on both sides does to a mf.

Really miss Pangea

Indeed. Although I’d argue they’ve inherited it from the Brits. When was the last time Britain was actually invaded or attempted to? XIX century under Napoleon? Yet there’s a whole literature genre about it.

Most Americans genuinely think on some level (even those that deny it), American hegemony is helping the world. And that misguided and propagandized belief is being protected by the fact that most Americans have been fortunate enough not to directly experience both violent and economic warfare. The whole notion of “spreading democracy” is interpreted by the general populace as a good thing. It’s self-sustaining, weaponized “compassion.”

Also like quarter of sci-fi, especially military sci-fi is about USA being invaded. Apparently even aliens think “America bad” is pretty good reason to come all that way.


the communism leaving my body after an anticommunist tells me that “communist regimes” were totalitarian:

Comrade Monkey

I have spent the last five minutes, rolling on the floor laughing, repeating to myself: KILL! KILL! KILL FOR KHRUSHCHEV!

Why is this so funny to me 😭

Because the very idea of killing for Khrushchev seem so absurd, the man was mostly devoid of charisma model apparatchik, lucky for him he could just stand behind the already longstanding soviet ideals.

There is plenty of criticism to go around, but I feel like a good point of reference is that even the worst leader the Soviet Union (pre-gorby) had, they were still leagues better then any leader the West had in all its history.

Good memes, bad memes, unite towards a united front.

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