If it was the men who had to give birth, for centuries abortion could be done freely in shopping centers.

I cannot think of a single perspective, no matter how bizarre, from which this makes sense


Least of all the perspective of people “worried about government meddling”. The cognitive dissonance of reactionaries never ceases to astound

There is no cognitive dissonance. We think they are being honest in their stated beliefs. They aren’t, it’s a red herring. If you look at their ulterior motives and overall goal to oppress and have white elite males at the top, it’s all straightforward. At least that’s my perspective.


I think that tracks for like 20% of them who are just trying to manipulate the system (which includes the leadership) but I was mainly referring to the voter base they prey upon.

I think that some people speak entirely in dog-whistles so much that they have no clue any other way to think. So they burry themselves in a toxic identity that just keeps feeding back on itself and validating itself. They don’t necessarily sit around thinking how they can make a world with more white people or to hurt women, but they also don’t have an understanding of racism or wellbeing outside of dog-whistles.

Judge: “You’re not mature enough, carry the child to full term no matter what” Girl who wants abortion: “What rating of a video game am I allowed to play since I’m 17?” Judge: “M for Ma-WAIT A SECOND!😳”

Do you want more Florida Man?

Because that’s how you get more Florida Man.

Good memes, bad memes, unite towards a united front.

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