All imperialist suck.

Must be nice to live in such bliss.

how do you do fellow communists

Posting like this is really the fastest way to prove you are ignorant of history, geography, and the financial system. Your depraved freaked-out mind wandered here due to massive computer addiction. Polish people are really due for a rude awakening if they can become depraved Bandera fetishists.

If only you knew how much more depraved the force you have submitted to is than you are lol get ready

Lol at you all thinking I’m dropping non sequiturs because you don’t check if your memers post slogans like “Glory to heroes!” next to western political cartoons. 🤔🤔🤔🤔


  1. Be civil and nice.
  2. Try not to excessively repost, as a rule of thumb, wait at least 2 months to do it if you have to.
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