wow… Fascists make communism sound so much more powerful than it is

If they taught communism in school him and most people would stop calling everything they don’t like communism. It’s like the weird twitter cons calling liberals left-wing/commies. News flash asshole: libs are conservatives that say gay rights. That’s it.

God I wish they would teach communism in schools. Instead I have to educate myself.

Okay, but the thing is, she is trans and doesn’t talk to him because he is a transphobe. When he says they “teach communism” in schools, he doesn’t mean communism. he means schools “turn kids trans”, the same bullshit every reactionary transphobe in the US is currently whining about.


Communism in schools: yeah communism sounds good but have you considered 1984 and Animal Farm? We’re gonna make you anyway. Also, it’s always a failing system. Here’s 6 chapters on why America is the best country in the world, even though you are Dutch. Also, in your economic class your learn about how the economy always follows these simple basic rules and that it always keeps growing and growing and no bad things happen.

The invincible hand will make it all better.

The kids are talking about it. 10000000% chance that the schools arent teaching jack shit in school.

Kids learn more shit from discord and various Edgelords shitposting forums online.

Im on my late 30s and I am beyond sure that may rants have resched the attention of 13 year olds on reddit for christ’s sake.

If you want to stop the spread of communist thought; you gotta clamp down on the internet.

Sorry Elon but its not communism, you’re just an asshole.

How much you want to bet Elon abuses his wife and kids?

IIRC he has had like three wives or at least long-term serious partners and kids with at least three women if not more. As far as I can tell he views women as baby makers and that’s basically it. So yes, I do want to bet he abuses his wife(s) and kids.

What a surprise. I’m shocked.

Back when I was reading up on claims about child soldiers in the Philippines, I came across that communists would try to turn the kids of major figures against their parents. Which I think we all know is not only based but almost too easy. Most wealthy elites have a reputation for being absent at best. Elon is likely a terrible parent and his excuses are undignified. Take the L Elon. Your kids hate you and its your fault.

Wtf that’s an awesome technique (on an historical context, I would never do such thing)

I’ll take notes (for my research paper)

In HS, they tried giving us an abridged history of what’s happening in Syria. They claimed that Assad gassed citizens, years later official US reports admitted that US insurgents had launched the gas. But go off, we totally learned about Communism and how it’s good

I’m my school we talked about how under Stalin/communism in general there was mass industrialization (gave no context as to why, only that he was egotistical and communism bad) which was impressive but bad because everyone was overworked to death or whatever. Then Holodomor manufactured famine with no additional information, I swear to god we were only told the Holodomor was a man made famine and that’s it.

Do you happen to have any links to those reports?

The Grayzone and Aaron Maté in particular have written quite a lot about the OPCW reports and the chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

I understand, but I thought you meant other reports that the OPCW can’t deny

I’ll check, I think Multipolarista talked about it but I may be wrong…

Ben has probably talked about it, a lot of the reporting on this topic was from his former employer The Grayzone.

Full support to Elon’s Daughter for her struggles against reactionaries

I ducking wish

I laugh at anyone who still thinks this guy is any smarter than your average 12 year old Call of Duty addict.

Translated: Elon Musk’s daughter hates him for being a vile sack of reactionary shit lmao.

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