Their medal for fighting bravely against Imperialism:

Another L for American Pizza Companies

Gorbachev crying in the corner rn


He better be, he got sent to permanent time out for not reading his marx, lenin, and stalin

And don’t think ya’ll are safe! I’ll do it to ya’ll too! So read!

Trying to sell American Pizzas in Italy is like trying to sell refrigerators to the Eskimos.

I remember a joke about Inuit buying a refrigerator:

Seller asks: “Why do you even need it?”

He answers: “There’s -40 degrees outside, -30 in home, -20 in bed. In refrigerator, at least my wife will warm herself”.

Refrigerators can actually work as electric heaters: they produce a lot of heat at the back side in order to extract a bit of heat from the inside. If you leave a refrigerator open, heat will just flow back in and the refrigerator will convert almost all its input power into heat.

Yeah i know, this is what makes this joke better since not many people would thought about that, even thought everyone do know how warm the fridges usually are on the outside.


hence the “freezerburn” phrase. Huh, nice

Foreign cultural imperialism defeated, lol nice victory for them

Oppose Dominos imperialism, critical support for local Italian restaurants

you can get very cheap and way better pizza in (almost) any already open pizza place in Italy

Even Americans don’t like Domino’s so I don’t understand what they were expecting to happen in Italy lol


Ever since I moved, the only reason that I bother with it is that it is one of the few restaurants within walking distance. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother. The sandwiches are mediocre, and the only thing remarkable about the pizzas is that they’re too fucking expensive.

My favorite Domino’s deals are the ones that emphasize the seemingly modest price, but have a little qualifier if you examine the text carefully. For example, there’s a coupon that says ‘CHOOSE ANY 3 OR MORE MEDIUM 1-TOPPING PIZZAS, PASTAS, OR OVEN BAKED SANDWICHES FOR JUST $5.99 EACH!’ The deal emphasizes the price, but the keyword there is ‘each’. Hey guys, you know what 3 (or more) for $5.99 each is? There’s another way of saying it. It’s called $18+.


There’s a fish and chips stand called Wendy’s in some town in The Netherlands. This stand has trademarked the brandname in Belgium and The Netherlands which prevents the US Wendy’s from settling. US Wendy’s has already lost multiple lawsuits over this lmao.

Feels a bit like this post. Fuck off Yankee garbage.

First of all. As someone who had local pizza while in Napoli…

You would have to be fatally stupid to think a mid tier American pizza chain can just walk up on Italian cuisine.

This is actually funny.

more like Domino’s Pizza Shit hah am I right folks

Why would I buy a mediocre (at best) pizza from them for 15+€ when I can get any pizza under 10 that will be actually good? This surprises me. Not because they closed, but because they really thought it was a good idea to open in Italy, of all the countries in the world.

I also dont see how there would be any “fierce competition”. People would just ignore that trash food.

yeah i had a dominos under my house (italy) its like selling sand to the arabians, like bruh real italian pizza costs less, its closer and its fucking better

Good memes, bad memes, unite towards a united front.

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