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Mastodon has reached a size where it is almost on par with Twitter in terms of the behavior of its users. This includes slander, character assassination, false accusations, and other law violations, such as, for example, welshpixie on mastodon·art has proven several times by turning her stupid lemmings against me with her lies and character assassination. Her last contribution to my defamation from her is tolerated even by her hoster, who, just like Twitter, doesn’t respond at all.
Of course, their lemmings from weirder·earth, tech·lgbt, rage·love, slime·global, hackers·town, tenforward·social or on the instance she administrates, mastodon·art, don’t question their hate tirades but carry the bullshit even further, just like stupid lemmings.
In her hate tirades against me, she brings no evidence, only allegations that she adopts 1:1 from the mob on Twitter. However, I wonder why so many can be so stupid and run blindly after her. Whether there was probably something promised if her stupid mob carried on the hate tirades? Who knows what goes on in such a sick brain.

Mastodon was created as great software that started as a fantastic place for those looking to escape the toxic behavior of Twitter, but has been turned into nothing more than a 1:1 clone of Twitter by users like welshpixie, with the same crap that one was trying to escape.

On twitter they call me the quickest gun in the west. Due to how fast i block people

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