I hate it when countries invade other countries for absolutely no reason at all, a thing that definitely ever happens.

Chomsky happens to be one of the most widely cited geopolitical experts. He explains the reasons for the conflict at length. Anybody claiming that Russia invaded Ukraine out of the blue and for no reason is either horribly ignorant or a bad actor. Understanding the reasons for conflicts is the way future conflicts are avoided. Framing Russia as just being evil orcs attacking other countries for no reason is infantile and helps no one.


Here is what this meme is missing: Ukraine has been shelling/bombing Luhansk and Donetsk for years. The previous president Poroshenko even bragged about it. Are those lives not worth anything?

I love how you can state basic facts and there’s a brigade ready to downvote because it doesn’t fit with the NATO narrative.


That is not a basic fact. Most people will not simply know that, nor be able to verify it.

That is also not a basic fact, as it’s saying that Russia should kill Ukranians, because Ukraine has presumably killed Russians. At most, Russia should take out the Ukranian artillery to prevent further killing. They should not kill even more people.

You’re also getting downvoted (much like the meme itself), because this is a fucking meme sub. Memes are for low-effort humor, not deeply-invested political discussions.

Yeah, it is and it’s pretty well documented. The fact that westerners continue to pretend it’s not happening shows utter moral bankruptcy.


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